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Welcome to the Acupuncture Lifeology Clinic. This is a Chinese family medicine practice that provides acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Chinese nutritional consultation for children, adults and the elderly.

Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, has existed continuously for 2500-3000 years. It is one of two ancient medical systems still practiced today. The World Health Organization considers Chinese medicine to be an independent medical system because of its comprehensive structure and its ability to complement modern medicine. The discipline includes Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and Qigong (a type of meditation with or without body movements). It has its own diagnostic methodology, etiology, pathology, treatments, herbal pharmacology, herbal toxicology, nutrition, and prevention. In the last 60 years, Chinese medicine has evolved based on the influence of biomedicine. Many Chinese practitioners graduated from Chinese medical schools and were trained in biomedicine as well as Chinese medicine. In the US, it has been accepted as a complementary tactic to conventional Western medicine since 1970’s. Locally, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have been a part of the Integrative Medicine program at the University of Colorado Health (UCH) system since 2001. Dr. Dong is very proud of being the first Eastern Medicine practitioner involved in the Integrative Medicine Program there. She continues to provide an elective course on acupuncture for students at University of Colorado at Denver.

Acupuncture Lifeology, Inc. was founded by Dr. Daisy Dong in 2005 and provides acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, Guasha, Kinesiology taping, and Chinese nutritional consultation for people of all ages and walks of life. Because of increasing awareness of addiction to prescription drugs, many people turn to acupuncture and herbal medicine for treatment of illness or for general health enhancement. Acupuncture is now widely known for pain release and practiced legally in many countries. A thin dry needle can regulate chemicals in the brain as well as the body. To the surprise of many patients, acupuncture can provide significant relief for stress, anxiety or depression. Dr. Dong has practiced and taught Chinese medicine since 1985 in China as well as in the US. She attended an acupuncture fellowship in the acupuncture department of Dongzhimen Hospital in the early1990’s. She received three additional degrees in the United States in health administration as well as Oriental medicine in the middle 1990’s. She also mentored with a famous oncologist who formally trained in Chinese medicine, later applying its principles in the treatment of cancer. In the last ten years, Dr. Dong has taught many classes for continuing education for acupuncturists on the subjects of Chinese medicine and cancer support treatments, integrative traumatology, Chinese herbal pharmacology, and modern understanding of the acupuncture mechanism. She never stops her clinical practice. As a result, she accumulated rich experiences in pain management – especially post trauma/surgical pain, cancer support therapies with acupuncture and Chinese herbology, and gastrointestinal disorders. She has developed a unique acupuncture method to treat migraine headaches in an average of six visits.


Daisy Dong, OMD, L. Ac. Dip Herb, MA, MHA, MSOM

A professor at Southwest Acupuncture College and a clinical faculty of Health Science Center, University of Colorado Denver. Daisy received her medical degree from Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China, her two Master degrees in health administration from Ohio University, and MSOM from SW Acupuncture College. She also received full -time training certificates in geriatrics and modern library management from Ohio University. She has taught and practised Chinese medicine since 1985 in China and the United States. She has been the chief acupuncturist at University of Colorado Hospital, Aurora, Colorado since November of 2001. Daisy specializes in integrative cancer care and post trauma care.

Daisy believes in diagnosis and treatment for the individual patient rather than approaching everyone in the same manner. What this means is that you will receive treatments tailored exclusively for you. In addition, no two treatments you receive will be exactly the same. We are committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of care based on an attitude of gentleness, warmth, professionalism, and respect. By creating a treatment plan that addresses each individual’s needs and includes various modalities of Oriental Medicine, we strive to treat not only the symptom, but also the root of illness, and thus restore the balance upon which holistic health is based.

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